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201 Death: [677 BC]  Alexandre
202 Alfonso II Prince Of ARAGÓN was born about 1180 in Of, Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain. He died in Feb 1209 in , Palermo, Sicily, Italy. Alfonso married Gersinde De SABRAN in Jul 1193 in (contract), Aix-En-Provence, Bouches-Du-Rhone, France.

Gersinde De SABRAN was born about 1181 in Of, Forcalquiers, Basses-Alpes, France. She died after 1209. Gersinde married Alfonso II Prince Of ARAGÓN in Jul 1193 in (contract), Aix-En-Provence, Bouches-Du-Rhone, France.

They had the following children:

M i Raymond Bberenger V (IV) Count Of PROVENCE & FORCALQUIER was born in 1195/1198 and died on 19 Aug 1245.
F ii Gersinde Countess Of PROVENCE was born about 1200 in Of, Aix-En-Provence, Bouches-Du-Rhone, France.  
Alfonso II
203 Elizabeth is actually one of the seven children listed in her fathers last will and testamnet but I am unsure which one so currently she is listed a seperate person until I can figure it out. ALFORD Elizabeth
204 Last Will and Testament of William Alford
Dated 31 July 1822. Probated 2 May 1825
in Hancock Co., GA (From xerox copy of original)

In the name of God Amen. I William Alford Sr. of the County of Hancock
and State of Georgia being in perfect health and of sound and disposing
mind and memory and calling to mind the frailty of life knowing that it
is appointed for all men once to die do make ordain constitute and appoint
this my last will and testament in manner and form following viz - First
I bequeath my soul to God that gave it my body to be buried in decent Christian
burial at the discretion of my executors.
Item. As touching my worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless
me in this life I give devise and dispose of the same in the following
Item. I give and bequeath unto my loving son Jacob Alford the land and
Plantation whereon I now live two hundred acres in quantity.
Item. The whole of the balance of my estate both real and personal to be
equally divided between all of my beloved children seven in number viz,
John Alford, Milly Reed, William Alford, Jr., Jane Ellis, Owen Alford,
Jacob Alford, and Martha Newsom.
Item. I give and bequeath unto Micajah Middlebrooks the sum of two dollars

I give and bequeath unto Joshua Grace the sum of two dollars cash.

I give and bequeath unto Alford Middlebrooks two dollars cash.
Item. I give and bequeath unto my loving grand daughter Elizabeth ?Drake
the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars cash.
Item. I give and bequeath unto my loving grand daughter Ann Vinson the
sum of one hundred and fifty dollars cash.
Item. I give and bequeath unto my loving grandson Cannon Grace the sum
of three hundred and fifty dollars cash.
And I do hereby nominate and appoint my loving friends Joel D. Newsom and
Hardy Jernigan executors of this my last will and testament and do hereby
revoke and disannull all former wills by me made and publish and pronounce
this my last will and testament In witness whereof I have hereunto set
my hand and seal this 31st July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight
hundred and twenty two.

William Alford Sr. (Seal)

Henry Dortch
Levi Cobb
James Marchman 
ALFORD William, I
205 Reigned 871-899. He prevented the Danish conquest of England, defeating them at Edington(878) after a campaign of guerrila warfare. After his victory he allowed the Danes to keep their conquests in Mercia nd East Anglia provided that Guthrum, their King, was converted to Christianity. Alfred built a navy of Warships to defend the south coast against further Danish invasions (885-86 ;892-96) and protected Wessex with a chain of fortifications. He took London (886), this gaining control of all England except the Danish areas

Alfred "The Great" King Of ENGLAND [Parents] was born about 848 in Of, Wantage, Berkshire, England. He died on 26 Oct 901 in , Winchester, Hampshire, England. Alfred married Ealhswith Queen Of ENGLAND in 868.

Ealhswith Queen Of ENGLAND [Parents] was born about 852 in , Mercia, , England. She died on 5 Dec 905. Ealhswith married Alfred "The Great" King Of ENGLAND in 868.

They had the following children:

M i Ethelwerd Prince Of ENGLAND was born about 879 in Of, , Wessex, England. He died on 16 Oct 922.
F ii Ethelfleda Princess Of ENGLAND was born about 869 in , , Wessex, England. She died on 12 Jun 918 in , St. Peters, Gloucestershire, Englan
M iii Edmund Prince Of ENGLAND was born about 873 in , , Wessex, England.
F iv Ethelgiva Princess Of ENGLAND was born about 875 in , , Wessex, England.
M v Edward I "The Elder" King Of ENGLAND was born about 871 and died in 924.
F vi Elfridam Princess Of ENGLAND was born about 877 in Of, , Wessex, England. She died in 920.

Alfred ruled after his 3 older brothers died in battle.

Alfred is the only English king to bear the title "The Great." He fought the Danes, with whom he divided up England, eventually taking Mercia and Northumberland from them, along with Wessex, Kent, and London, he had almost all of England at the
end. He encouraged the production of copies of "The Anglo Saxon Chronicles."

Alfred was one of the greatest men in history. He was crowned king at Winchester 871; founded the British Navy, organized the militia, compiled a code of laws, built schools and monasteries, and invited scholars to live at his court. He was a
good scholar and translated many books.
Note: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------
Note: Following copied from Barry Hummel, Jr, World Connect db=siderhummel,
Note: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------
From the late 8th century, attacks by Vikings from Scandinavia increased. After a major invasion in 865, the kingdoms of Northumbria and Mercia were rapidly overrun, and in 871 the Danish army attacked Wessex. The Wessex forces under the
command of Alfred (reigned 871-99), then aged 21, defeated the Danes at the Battle of Edington in 878. The Danes withdrew to an area north of a frontier running from London to Chester and known as 'Danelaw'.

This victory did not finish the Danish threat, and Alfred reorganised the Wessex defences by organising his army on a rota basis, so he could raise a 'rapid reaction force' to deal with raiders whilst still enabling his thegns and peasants to
tend their farms. Second, Alfred started a building programme of well-defended settlements across southern England as a defence in depth against Danish raiders. Alfred also ordered the building of a navy of new fast ships to patrol the coasts
and meet invaders before they penetrated inland.

Other reforms included establishing a legal code (assembled from the laws of his predecessors and of the kingdoms of Mercia and Kent), and reforming the coinage. Illiterate in Latin until the age of 38, Alfred promoted literacy, religion and
education, and directed the translation of works of religious instruction, philosophy and history into the vernacular; this was partly so that people could read his orders and legislation. The energetic royal authority demonstrated in Alfred's
policies presaged the Wessex kings' rule of all England during the next century.
206 Sources

Title: Descendants of Richard Alleyn
Media: Other

Title: Gencircles: Wilson Family
Author: Robert Gordon Wilson []
Media: Other

ALLEN Richard, IV
207 Notes
src: "The Allens of the South States" by Norma Miller, pub. 1989


Media: Other
Page: 479176
Text: Submitter:

9632 Rocksparkle Row , Columbia, MD, United States of America 21045

Title: Descendants of Richard Alleyn
Media: Other

Title: Gencircles: Wilson Family
Author: Robert Gordon Wilson []
Media: Other

ALLEN Robert, I
208 Sources

Media: Other
Page: 479176
Text: Submitter:

9632 Rocksparkle Row , Columbia, MD, United States of America 21045

Title: Descendants of Richard Alleyn
Media: Other

Title: Gencircles: Wilson Family
Author: Robert Gordon Wilson []
Media: Other

Title: Gencircles: Mostly Southern
Author: Mark Freeman []
Media: Other

ALLEN Robert, II
209 Sources
Title: Descendants of Richard Alleyn
Media: Other

Title: Gencircles: Wilson Family
Author: Robert Gordon Wilson []
Media: Other

Title: Gencircles: Mostly Southern
Author: Mark Freeman []
Media: Other

ALLEN Susannah P.
210 The assertion is made in The TUCKER Genealogy that Rose, the fourth wife of John NEWTON, was an ALLERTON, of the family of Isaac ALLERTON of the Mayflower. While there were certainly close relationships between the ALLERTON family and the NEWTON family, including the marriage of John NEWTON's oldest son, John NEWTON, Jr., to Mary ALLERTON, I am aware of no proof that Rose was an ALLERTON. However, since it's an interesting theory and an impressive family to tie into, I'll set out a short history of the ALLERTON family through the year of Rose's birth, about 1629.

Isaac ALLERTON was a tailor from London, who married Mary NORRIS, or perhaps Mary COLLINS, on November 4, 1611. His sister Sarah married Degory PRIEST at the same date and place. The parents of Isaac and Sarah may be Edward ALLERTON and Rose DAVIS who married at St. Dionis, Backchurch, London, on February 14, 1579/80. Both Isaac ALLERTON and PRIEST were freemen, a distinction among the Pilgrims of the Mayflower that they shared only with the later Governor of the Colony, William BRADFORD. Isaac ALLERTON, his wife Mary, and his son Bartholomew and daughters Remember and Mary were on the Mayflower in 1620. There was a sailor on the Mayflower named John ALLERTON who intended to settle in the new colony, but he died before the ship made the return voyage. His relationship to the others is not clear. Mary, Mrs. Isaac ALLERTON, died February 25, 1621.

About 1626, Isaac married his second wife, Fear BREWSTER, daughter of Elder William BREWSTER. Fear died at Plymouth on December 12, 1634. They were the parents of Col. Isaac ALLERTON, born about 1630, who after his mother's death was raised by his paternal grandfather. It was this Isaac ALLERTON who lived next to John NEWTON.

Until the death of Fear in December of 1634, the events of Isaac ALLERTON's life in America are well documented, and no other children were born. He left the Bay Colony after a rift developed between him and the leadership of the Colony, had a wife named Johanna in 1644, settled in New Havens and traded with the Dutch of New Amsterdam.

The children of Isaac ALLERTON were:

Bartholomew who was born in Holland about 1612, who came with his family to Plymouth, where he still was in 1627, but returned soon after to England, where, according to Bradford, he married and continued to live.
Remember, a daughter, living in Plymouth in 1627 and not heard of after.
Mary, born in 1616, married Elder Thomas CUSHMAN of Plymouth. She died in 1699, the last survivor of the Mayflower pilgrims.
Sarah was another daughter who did not come on the Mayflower but came later with her aunt, Mrs. CUTHBERTSON, in 1623. She MARRIED MOSES MAVERICK and had children.
Isaac, born about 1630, who graduated from Harvard in the seventh graduating class and who settled in Virginia beside the NEWTONs.

The most promising part of this for finding a line for Rose appears to be the son Bartholomew who, according to Gov. William Bradford, married after returning to England. There were fairly frequent passages across the ocean, considering the circumstance. The Isaac ALLERTON who under this theory would be Rose' grandfather (and whose mother's name was Rose) returned to England at least five times.
211 Sources

Title: Descendants of Richard Alleyn
Media: Other

Title: Gencircles: Wilson Family
Author: Robert Gordon Wilson []
Media: Other

212 still need to prove that Richard Alleyn is the father of Richard Allen b. c1613.
NOTE: There is no definitive proof that he is the ancestor of the earlier confirmed Robert Allen, Sr. Dr. Richard Alleyn was the rector at St. Mildred's, Canterbury, England from 1601 to 1637. He then was rector at Stowting, Kent, England from 1637 to 1651.


Title: Descendants of Richard Alleyn
Media: Other

Title: Gencircles: Wilson Family
Author: Robert Gordon Wilson []
Media: Other

ALLEYN Richard, II
213 Listed as being of Orange Co. Va. ALMOND J. L., I
214 Suspected maiden name is CONE. The reason for this speculation is the naming of both William Cone ALVERS her son and Clarence Cone ALVERS, the son of William Cone ALVERS. I will need to research CONE records in Bradford and Alachua Counties respectively to confirm this speculation. Further speculation on my part is that Maria married Levi ALVERS and Levi Died sometime prior to 1848. The reason for this speculation is a Marriage record, Recorded in Alachua Co. Court House. Between Cornelius JOHNS and Maria ALVEREZ on 13 Dec 1843. See Source No 59. Also, further evidence points to this by the 1850 Federal Census of 14th Division of Alachua Co. Fl. Pg 23 shows William C. ALVEREZ age 8 living with his Mother Maria "CONE", ALVERS, JOHNS, age 25 and his stepfather Cornelius JOHNS age 25. He also seems to have to half brothers Isaac JOHNS 1 year old and Andrew J. JOHNS age 3 months old. Remember Maria married Cornelius in 1848. Those children are his half-brothers. I further believe Cornelius JOHNS died and Maria again remarried to a WILLIAMS. The basis for this reasoning is two fold. First, I did a detailed review of the available tax rolls from of Putnam Co. from 1851 to 1877. He first appears in the 1858 tax roll of Putnam Co. This must have been when he either moved from Alachua Co. to Putnam Co. or, the area he was living in may have been annexed from Alachua Co. to Putnam Co. I need to research this further. A Luke JOHNS has already been living in Putnam Co. Since 1852. Could it just be an unrelated individual or possibly the father of or other relative of Cornelius JOHNS? Further research needed. Luke JOHNS is certainly old enough to be his father as evidenced by his count of 0 on the 1867 Tax Rolls of Putnam Co. indicating that he is older than 55 (exempt from personal tax). He counts himself as one in the 1858 Tax Rolls. Making him between 45 and 54 years old in 1858 calculating the span from 1858 where he is under 55 and 1867 where he is older than 55. Getting back to the reasoning for Cornelius's demise. A marriage record found in the Putnam Co. court house indicates that Maria JOHNS married ***** WILLIAMS, Cornelius is last listed in the 1858 Tax roll. He does not appear in the 1860 Federal Census of Putnam Co.

Mysterious Maria

No known documentation exists today that can absolutely verify the parents of Maria Alvarez, nor can anyone say with certainty who was the father of her first child. Stories abound regarding both. I believe though, that with the documentation that does exit, one can be fairly certain of her parentage. There are still, however, only assumptions about the father of her first child.

With respect to her parentage, let me mention the theories. One is that she was not an Alvarez by birth, but became one by marriage. While this would eliminate the need to believe she had her first child out of wedlock, it accomplishes little else and one must mention that there is no documentation of such a marriage having taken place. The other theory that she was a beautiful young girl who had an affair with an Alvarez man and then took his last name for her child had merit prior to the discovery of the document which stated that Maria's maiden name was Alvers (Alvarez). Additional documentation which shows the devout Catholic background of the St. Augustine Alvarez families makes this scenario even less likely. Furthermore, there is documentation that the maiden name of Maria, who later married Cornelius Johns, was Alvers (Alvarez). That documentation is found in the pension application files of Cornelius Johns' second wife, Rebecca Sylvester. Rebecca herself, as well as two of Maria's sons stated in the widow's pension application affidavits, that Cornelius Johns had been married only twice, that his first wife was deceased and that her maiden name was Alvers (Alvarez). Having this documentation makes it impossible to ignore the fact that Maria was born an Alvarez.

Having, then, established that Maria was born an Alvers (Alvarez), one need then to go about determining which Alvarez male could have possibly been her father. There were only 3 Alvarez men who fit the requirements and were living in Florida in 1824 which is Maria's approximate birth year. Those three men are Geronimo, his son Antonio and Joseph ?Jose?. Geronimo and Antonio's children?s births and marriages are all documented in the records of the Catholic Church in St. Augustine. Furthermore, census records reflect no female of that age range having been in the household of either man at the required time. Joseph, however, indicated on the 1830 census records that he had one female under the age of 5, two females between 5 and 10 years of age, one female between 15 and 20 and there were two females over the age of 20, All these females can be accounted for by name using documents and Bibles with the exception of a Maria. There is, however, one legal document, which uses the name of Caesarea, believed now to be Maria's given first name. The fact that this was a legal document pertaining to her father accounts for using her first name and not the second, less formal name of Maria along with her maiden name and not her married name, Johns. Having ruled out the fact that Maria could have been the daughter of either Geronimo or Antonio, coupled with the fact that Joseph had a daughter who fits the age range of Maria, and the further documentation of 2 of her sons as well as the second wife of Cornelius Johns that she was, indeed, born an Alvers (Alvarez), lead us to the conclusion that Maria was, indeed, the daughter of Joseph Alvarez. Knowing further that we know all the names of the children of Joseph and can account for the where abouts of all of them except William C., his son, (believed to have died during the Indian Wars), we conclude that the daughter, Caesarea, named in the legal document, is one and the same as Maria. The legal document referred to above was a "Letter of Administration" authorizing Joseph Barbee to be administrator over the estate of Joseph Alvarez, deceased. It would be fitting on that document for Maria (Caesarea) to use her maiden name of Alvarez. The three children listed on that document were unable to read and write as indicated by their having made their "mark" rather than actually signing their names. As a further, interesting note, Cornelius Johns, who later became the husband of Maria Alvarez and subsequently had four sons with her, on at least five occasions, served with Roman Alvarez as well as with Joseph Alvarez, (son of Jose), in the Indian Wars. Both Roman and Joseph were brothers of Maria (Caesarea). An in-depth study of the men in these companies will show that many married sisters of the men with whom they served. As an aside, both Thomas Dillaberry and Thomas Prevatt served with Roman and Joseph. Both became brothers-in-law. It is highly unlikely that we will ever know with certainty the name of the man who fathered Maria's first son, William Cone Alvarez (Alvers). It is very likely that the father never knew that there was a son or he may have been killed in the war. There was, after all, a war going on. Maria could also have chosen to protect the man who was the father of her son. The fact that Maria was only 17 when she became pregnant should not be ignored. It is interesting to note that the chosen name of William Cone has three other occurrences in the people surrounding Maria Alvarez. One was William Cone Crosby who served with Maria's brothers in the Indian wars but was a married man at that time. Another was a son of Sarah Jane Alvarez, Maria's sister, and Thomas Dillaberry whom they named William C. Maria also had a brother William C. It is not known for certain that their middle name was Cone, but the fact that their middle initial is C. is certainly noteworthy.

Had Maria lived beyond her approximate 33 years, documentation might exist today that would fill in all the ?blanks" in her history and would then eliminate the mystery surrounding her. We do not even know for certain where she is buried. We know she was born in Duval County and that she died in Welaka, Putnam County, Florida.

We know she had a son, William Cone Alvarez (Alvers) and that she later married Cornelius Johns, who had served in the Indian Wars with her brothers.

She had four sons with Cornelius Johns. William Cone Alvarez never became a Johns. Beyond that, Maria remains a mystery.
ALVAREZ Caesara Maria
215 1900 Federal Census see notes: Horace Benjamin Baldock (Grandfather)
1910 Federal Census see notes: Clarence Cone ALVERS (Father)
1920 Federal Census see notes: Clarence Cone ALVERS (Father)

---------Extract of 1930 Federal Census Putnum Co., Fl.----------
Dwelling: 87 Family: 87 Line: 53
ALVERS Benjamin B.Head M 33M27FLFLMALaborerGen. Farm
Natha N. WifeF29M24SCSCSCNone
Dewitt E.SonM05S.FLFLSCNone
Eva N.DauF2 7/12S.FLFLSCNone
Source Information:
SD: 3 ED: 54-14 SN: 4b
Census Place: Pomona Town, Putnum Co., Fl.
Enumerated: 12 April 1930
Enumerator: John ANDERSON
----------------------End of 1930 Census Extract-------------------------

Name: Ben B Alvers
Death Date: Jun 1965
County of Death: Columbia
State of Death: Florida
Race: White
Gender: Male

Name: Ben Alvers
SSN: 267-34-4960
Last Residence: Florida
Born: 20 Jul 1896
Died: Jun 1965
State (Year) SSN issued: Florida (Before 1951 )
ALVERS Benjamin Baldock
216 Death Certificate as follows
Certificate of Death Florida #4440
Place of death Home residence
Pomona Park Putnam Co. Fl.
code 64 usual residence Pamona Park
Putnam Co. Fl. length of stay 78 years
Clarence C. ALVERS 1 Feb 1949
Male, White, Widowed DOB 22 Feb 1871
Welaka Fl. USA Father William C. ALVERS
Mother Margaret DEAN
Never in service, no SSN
informants signature BB. ALVERS
Death occurred at 12:15 am 1 Feb 1949
Bernard E. KANE MD Crescent City Fl.
Burial 3 Feb 1949 Satsuma Cem. Satsuma Fl.

Newspaper announcement of Clarence C. Alvers Funeral

Clarence C. ALVERS 77, lifelong resident of Putnam Co.,
died today at his home at Pomona Park today after
a lengthy illness. He was born in Welaka and had
been a timber cruiser all of his working career.
Services will be at the Graveside at the Satsuma
cemetery at 2pm Thursday with the Rev. A. Dale UMBREIT,
Pomona Park Baptist church Pastor, officiating.
Survivors include a daughter, Mrs. Evelyn SUMMERS,
Damon TX. two sons B.B. ALVERS, Pomona Park, and
George ALVERS, Miami Fl. One brother, Olie ALVERS,
Pomona Park, 18 grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

A timber cruiser is someone who calculates the worth of timber.

1880 Federal Census see notes: William Cone ALVERS (father) Nashua Census
1880 Federal Census see notes: William Cone ALVERS (father) San Mateo Census

---------Extract of 1910 Census of Putnam Co., Fl.----------------------
Sup Dist: 2 Enum Dist: 127 Sheet Num: 5A City: Precinct 6 Enumerated: 29 April 1910 Enum: George D. ALVERS
Dwelling: 91 Family: 92
LN#ALVERS Clarence C.HeadMW 39M1 2/0./.FLFLSCTimber Estimator
41Lilla A.WifeFW39M12/04/4MAENGMANone
42George D.SonMW19S../.FLFLMACook
43Bennie B.SonMW13S../.FLFLMANone
44Earl C.SonMW09S../.FLFLMANone
45Evelyn M.DauFW03S../.FLFLMANone
----------------------End of 1910 Census Extract------------------------

--------------------Extract 1920 Federal Census Putnam Co., Fl.------------------------------------------------
Page: Sheet Sup D: Enum D: City: Pamona Pricinct 6 Date: 28 Jan 1920 Enum: Walter L.
Dwell: 326 Fam: 327 Line: 51
ALVERS ClarenceHeadMW49MFLFLSCFarmer
--------------End of Extract of 1920 Census-----------------

------------------------Extract 1930 Federal Census Putnam Co., Fl.------------------------------------
Sheet: 1A Sup D: 54-15 Enum D: 3 City: Pamona Precinct 6 Enumerated: 11 April 1930 Enum: John ANDERSON
Dwell: 11 Fam: 11 LN# 31 - 33
ALVERS Clarence C.HeadO$500NoMW59M19NoYesFlFlSCFisherman
Lillia A.Wife...FW59M19NoYesMaENGMaNone
Evelyn M.Dau...FW23S.NoYesFlFlMaNone
--------------End of Extract of 1930 Federal Census----------------- 
ALVERS Clarence Cone
217 1910 census see notes Clarence Cone ALVERS (father)
1920 census see notes Clarence Cone ALVERS (father) 
ALVERS Earl Coleman, I
218 Name of Deceased: Earl Dewitt Alvers
Age at Death: 76
Birth Date: abt 1926
Death Date: Jan/2/2002
Newspaper Title: Daily News
Newspaper Location: Palatka, FL, US
Obituary Publication Date: Feb/14/2004
Locations Mentioned in Obituary: Pomona Park; Crescent City; Palatka; San Mateo; Gilbert, AZ; Satsuma; Middleburg; Portland, OR
Other Persons Mentioned in Obituary: Brenda Alvers; Debbie Peykoff; Christine Dahl; Tanya Alvers; Phillip Alvers; Kitty Moore; Rosemary Combs; Bruce Alvers; Ben Alvers; Eva Middleton; Gary Munson

Name: Earl D. Alvers
SSN: 518-30-2470
Last Residence: 32157 Lake Como, Putnam, Florida, United States of America
Born: 3 Apr 1925
Died: 2 Jan 2002
State (Year) SSN issued: Idaho (Before 1951 )
ALVERS Earl Dewitt
219 1910 Federal Census see notes: Clarence Cone ALVERS (father)
1920 Federal Census see notes: Clarence Cone ALVERS (father)
1930 Federal Census see notes: Clarence Cone ALVERS (father) 
ALVERS Evelyn Margaret
220 unknown newspaper, unknown date

01-01 Death Notices

GEORGE DEAN, SR., 77 of 985 NW 111 St., passed away Feb. 22, 1968. Came to Miami in 1936 from Pomona Park, Fla. Retired Yacht Captain. Member of Junior Order of American Mechanics. Survived by wife Dora; sons William C., George D., Jr., and Clarence C. of Miami; daughters Mrs. Lillian Vaughan, Mrs. Miriam Shuman, Mrs. Lavaun Heimbach, Mrs. Eva DuSablon, Miss Joann Alvers of Miami, Mrs. Darlene Pendarvis, Mrs. Betty Roberts of Panama City, Fla., Mrs. Nellie Young, Chipley, Fla., Mrs. Florence Nickerson, Pomona Park, Fla.; sister Mrs. Evelyn Wheeler, Palatka, Fla.; 30 grandchildren; 7 great grandchildren. Response noon Fri. Services 1 P.M. Sat. BESS MEMORIAL NORTH CHAPEL, 3790 NW 167 St. Burial Dade Memorial.

1900 Federal Census see notes Horace Benjamin Baldock (Grandfather)
1910 Federal Census see notes Clarence Cone ALVERS (Father)

--------------------------Extract of 1920 Federal Census of Duval Co., FL------------------------
Page: 68 Sht #: 68A Sup D: 44 Enum D: 71 City: Pamona Park Date: 24 Feb 1920 Enum: Mrs. Minnie L. Augustus
Dwell: 241 Fam: 242 Line: 01
ALVERS GeorgeHeadMW29MFLGAGALabor Sawmill
MaryWifeFW28MFLFLFLBoarding House
Martin Jr.SonMW13SNYNYNYNone
Alfred B.SonMW10SNYNYNYNone
Charity M.DauFW07SNYNYNYNone
--------------------------End of Extract of 1920 Federal Census of Tompkins Co., NY------------------------

--------------Extract of 1930 Census of Palm Beach Co. Fl.-----------------------
1930 Federal Census Palm Beach Co., Fl.
SH: 6b Sup D: 7 Enum D: 50-6 City: Riviera Precinct 03, 11 April 1930 Enum: E. E. GREENE
Inlet Cove Dwell: 103 Fam: 103
84HARDIN ThomisHeadW65M27BIBIBINone
86Stafford B.SonW17S.BIBIBINone
Dwell: 104 Fam: 104
-----------------End of Extract of 1930 Census-------------------------

Name: George Alvers
SSN: 265-28-1577
Last Residence: 33168 Miami, Miami-dade, Florida, United States of America
Born: 31 Oct 1890
Died: Feb 1968
State (Year) SSN issued: Florida (Before 1951 )

Name: George Dean Alvers
Death Date: Feb 1968
County of Death: Dade
State of Death: Florida
Race: White
Gender: Male
ALVERS George Dean, I
221 1870 census see notes William Cone ALVERS (father)
1880 Federal Census see notes: William Cone ALVERS (father) Nashua Census
1880 Federal Census see notes: William Cone ALVERS (father) San Mateo Census

---------Extract of 1910 Census of Putnam Co., Fl.----------------------
Sup Dist: 2 Enum Dist: 127 Sheet Num: 5A City: Precinct 6 Date: 29 April 1910 Enum: George D. ALVERS
Dwelling: 84 Family: 85 Line: 15
ALVERS Oliver F.HeadMW 42M2 06./.FLFLSCLabor
----------------------End of 1910 Census Extract------------------------ 
ALVERS Oliver F.
222 FDI
Name: William Cone Alvers
Death Date: 23 May 1981
County of Death: Martin
State of Death: Florida
Age at Death: 65
Race: White
Gender: Unknown
Birth Date: 19 Sep 1915
ALVERS William Cone
223 Florida 7th Infantry Co. I
William C Alvers ,
Enlistment Date: 14 April 1862
Distinguished Service: DISTINGUISHED SERVICE
Side Served: Confederacy
State Served: Florida
Birth Date: 22 February 1842
Death Date: 24 June 1923
Death Place: Volusia County, FL
Unit Numbers: 1118
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 14 April 1862 at the age of 20
Enlisted in Company I, 7th Infantry Regiment Florida on 14 April 1862.
POW on 25 November 1863 at Missionary Ridge, TN
Confined on 02 December 1863 at Rock Island, IL (Estimated date)
Oath Allegiance on 20 May 1865 at Rock Island, IL (Released)
Height: 5'5 "
Eye Color: hazel
Hair Color: black
Complexion: fresh

Florida Confederate Civil War Pension Applications
Application NoSurnameGiven NameService UnitWifeApplication CountyApplication YearNumber of Pages
A02470ALVERS,W.C.7th Regt InfMargaret (Dean)Putnam Co189815 pgs


11 163 163 JohnsCornelius25MFarmerFloridaX
12 163 163 JohnsMaria25F FloridaX
13 163 163 AlvarezWilliam C.08MFlorida
14 163 163 JohnsIsaac01MFlorida
15 163 163 JohnsAndrew J.3/12MFlorida

----------------------Extract of 1860 Federal Census--------------------------------------------------------------
20th Division Welaka Post Office, Putnam Co., Fl. Enumerated 1 June 1860 By: George J. TehnBauer
Page No. 1 (559) [Page 1 of 35 on] Dwell: 2 HH: 2
07J. M. HARRIS35MFarmer1500400Ga
08Rhody A.25FGa
09W. C. ALVARS17MFarm LabFl
10Ellan BENTON18FServantGa
----------------------End of Extract of 1860 Federal Census------------------------------------------------------

--------------Extract of 1870 Federal Census of Putnam Co. Fl.------------------------
Page: 85 (545) City: Welaka Precinct, Putnam Co., Fl., 5 August 1870 Enum: Thomas Shalley
Dwell: 19 Fam: 19
05ALVERS W. C.29MWFarmerAl
06Margret 23MWHouse KeepFl

Year Surname Given Name (s) County State Page Township or Other Info Record Type Database ID#
1870 ALVERS W. C. Putnam County FL 545 Welaka Precinct Federal Population Schedule FL 1870 Federal Census Index FL51750871
-------------------------End of 1870 Census Extract----------------------------------------------

William Cone ALVERS and his family is listed twice in the 1880 census once in Pomona, Putnam Co., Fl., and once in San Mateo, Putnam Co., Fl. Below is both census extracts

--------Extract of 1880 Federal Census Putnam Co., Fl.,---------------------
Page No: 16 Sup Dist: 18 Enum Dist: 132 San Mateo Precinct, Putnam Co., Fl. Enumerated 17 June 1880 by: Cook Carlton Dwell: 97 HH: 97
10ALVEREZ William C.WM41MFarmerFlUnknownUnknown
11Margaret A.WF34WifeMKeeps HouseSCSCSC
14KIRBY LulaWF`20Sdopted DauSAt HomeFlFlSC
---------End of 1880 Federal Census Putnam Co., Fl.,---------------------------------

--------Extract of 1880 Federal Census Putnam Co., Fl.,---------------------
Page No: 11 Sup Dist: 18 Enum Dist: 134 Nashua, Putnam Co., Fl. Enumerated 7 June 1880 by: Roland O. HAMMOND Dwell: 64 HH: 64
23ALVERS William WM40 MFarmer 05KidneyFlFlFl
24MargaretWF37WifeMKeeps House06DropsyFlFlFl
25OliverWM14SonSAt HomeFlFlFl
26ClarenceWM10SonSAt HomeFlFlFl
27KIRBY LulaWF19Adopted DauSAt HomeFlSCSC
---------End of 1880 Federal Census Putnam Co., Fl.,---------------------------------
Source Information:
Census Place Nashua, Putnam, Florida
Family History Library Film 1254131
NA Film Number T9-0131
Page Number 51C

---------Extract of 1910 Census of Putnam Co., Fl.----------------------
Sup Dist: 2 Enum Dist: 127 Sheet Num: 5A City: Precinct 6 Enumerated: 29 April 1910 Enum: George D. ALVERS
Dwelling: 90 Family: 91
39ALVERS William C.Head M W 69M2 45./.FLFLFLFarmer
40Maggie A.WifeFW64M1455/4SCSCSCNone
----------------------End of 1910 Census Extract------------------------

------- Extract of 1920 Federal Census Putnam Co., Fl.------------------------
Page: Sheet: 13B Sup D: 44 Enum D: 146 City: Pamona Precinct Putnam Co., Fl. Enumerated: 28 Jan 1920 Enum: Walter L. Shepard
Dwell: 327 Fam: 328
56ALVERS WilliamHeadMW78MFlFlFlFarmer
--------------End of Extract of 1920 Census----------------- 
ALVERS William Cone
224 Born abt. 1571 BC

Died abt. 1450 BC

Moses went to Pharaoh with his brother Aaron, but in spite of the miracles he worked, such as changing the water of the Nile to blood and bringing plagues upon the Egyptians, Pharaoh would not release the Hebrew people. At last, he consented,and Moses led the Hebrews out of Egypt toward Canaan. As they neared the Red Sea, a hostile Egyptian army, dispatched by Pharaoh, came upon them from the rear. Moses stretched out his arm, whereupon the Red Sea rose up in two walls, leaving dry land between them. The Hebrews crossed on the land, but when the Egyptians tried to pursue them, the walls of water broke upon them, and they drowned. When the Hebrews reached Sinai, on the Sinai Peninsula, Moses ascended the mountain to speak with Yahweh. He spent 40 days and nights with Yahweh, from whom he received two tablets of stone on which were inscribed the Ten Commandments, which thereafter constituted the fundamental laws of the Hebrews. After 40 years of wandering in the wilderness and desert under Moses's leadership and the endurance of many hardships, such as earthquakes, plagues, fires, thirst, and wars with the native people of Palestine, the Hebrews at last came to Canaan. Moses was permitted by Yahweh to see Canaan, the Promised land, from the top of Mount Pisgah (now in Jordan), and then he died. Before he died, however, he turned the leadership of the people over to Joshua. Although the dates of Moses's birth and death are hard to establish,many contemporary authorities believe that the exodus took place in the 13th century BC.
The Pentateuch

Besides being one of the most famous national leaders and lawgivers in history, Moses was reputedly the author of the first five books of the Old Testament, known collectively as the Pentateuch, and also of other parts of the Old
Testament,including possibly the Book of Job. Scholars agree almost unanimously, however, that these books are the interwoven work of many authors.

In Christianity
Moses is also well known to Christians; he is mentioned frequently in the New Testament. At Christ's transfiguration, he represents the Law (see Matthew 17:3), and the role he plays in the Old Testament is pointed out in the Epistle to the Hebrews, so as to offer a comparison with that of Christ (see Hebrews 3:1-6). He is also mentioned in the Gospel of John, again to underscore the role of Christ as the fulfillment of the Scriptures (see John 1:17).
225 Born abt. 1190 BC
226 Born abt. 1023 BC
AMMIEL Bathsheba Bint
227 Birth: [Abt. 1464 BC]  Amminadab
228 Born abt 1339
229 born abt. 210 BC AMOS Mattathiah Ben
230 ======================SRC:
Amy (Barber)
"Born: Abt 1751
"Marriage: Plyer Barber Abt 1772
Amy married Plyer Barber, son of George Barber and Elizabeth Moore, about 1772. (Plyer Barber was born in 1740 in Augusta county, Virginia and died about May 23, 1814 in Johnston county, North Carolina.)
231 Slain in battle with his brother fighting against the Anglo-Danes. ANARAWD Idwal Ap
232 Death: [Abt. 1180 BC]  Anchisa
233 Burned to death ANDREWS Ada Augusta
234 Served in 21st South Carolina Volunteers during the Civil War. Listed as patient in Fayattville, North Carolina Hospital in November, 1864. [South Carolina list of CSA absentees] ANDREWS Aris
235 Benjamin Andrews, along with Shadrock Mills, John Turner, Isaac Snell, Allen Cooley, Daniel Windham and their families were the first settlers in an area that later became Dale County, Alabama. They took refuge at the confluence of the East and West Choctawhatchee rivers where the first public structure was built of logs in 1814 by a contingent of General Andrew Jackson's Army and called the "Block House". This post was not fortified. It provided shelter for militia and settlers driven into it by the fear of Indians. The site of a ferry across the river, it was occupied as a store and was designated as a post office from 1833 to 1841. First post master was John Whitehurst. Jackson had in mind to fortify it later, but due to the fact that the land was acquired by the government, and the power of the Indians had been broken, it was never fortified. One mile west of that location a historical marker stands today, commemorating the Block House. This marker is located in southeast Dale County, Alabama on US Hwy 231, about 8 miles southeast of Ozark on the northbound side of the highway, near the Choctawhatchee Bridge.

Document- Land Patent for purchase from the Federal Government of 159 acres in Dale Alabama by Benjamin Andrews signed on June 14, 1828, by President John Quincy.

Document- Land Patent for purchase from the Federal Government of 119 acres in Dale Alabama by Benjamin Andrews signed on July 1, 1841, by President John Tyler.  
ANDREWS Benjamin
236 1870 Federal Census See notes: William ANDREWS (father)

---------Extract of 1910 Census of Dale Co. Al. 12 May 1910----------
Sht: 12A Sup D: 14 Enum D: 14 City: Precinct 2 Ozark Enum: John L. ADAMS
Dwelling: 6 Family: 6 Line: 26
ANDREWS Benjamin L.HeadMW44M1 24./.ALALALSheriff
Suda M. WifeFW44M12411/09ALALALNone
Bertie F.DauFW21S../.ALALALNone
Lewis E.SonMW16S../.ALALALNone
Vera L.DauFW11S../.ALALALNone
Callie W.DauFW09S../.ALALALNone
--------------------End of 1910 Census Extract------------------------- 
ANDREWS Benjamin Littleberry
237 --------------Extract of 1900 Census of Dale Co. Al.------------------------
1900 Federal Census Dale Co., Al.
Page: 119a Sup D: 3 Enum D: 57 City: Westville Precinct 02 Part of, 14 June 1900 Enum: Charles EDWARDS
Dwell: 119 Fam: 120 Line: 30
ANDREWS BenjaminHeadNov 187821M02./.ALALALFarmer
EttaWifeSept 188217M02./.ALALAL
-----------------End of Extract of 1900 Census--------------------------- 
ANDREWS Benjamin Rush
238 Bennett is not located in the home of his parents in 1850 Holmes Co., FL, so
he may be living with another family member in Dale county.

1860 Census- Dale Co., Alabama Pg 614 House 796- Newton
Bennet AndrewsM33Farmer0/70AL
Martha E.F16GA
Milly AndrewsF60SC (mother)
1870 Dale Co., AL census, page 170a Sheet# 111, beat 2, Westville
Dwelling# 139
Benit Andrews45MALFarmer
Martha26FGAKeeps House
W. L.05M
Reviewed the entire 1880 Dale Co census and did not locate Bennett or h
family in that county.

Bennett either moved his family to the Battens Cross Roads Community of
Coffee Co., AL sometime before 1880, or boundary changes for Coffee and Dale
changed their geographics. Martha continued working the family farm after
his death and purchased 120 acres in 1899 under the Homestead Act.

Bennett's farm had a cotton gin which was pulled by mule, and it would gin
about three to four bales of cotton a day.

Pleasant Hill Cemetery: located about five miles west of Ozark,Alaba
Ozark-Daleville Highway. This cemetery is one of several that was remov
from the Camp Rucker Reservation Area during World War II

Have photo of tombstones (two- one puts death as Feb 26, 1890 Aged 62 years,
Older tombstone has death as Feb 6, 1890) 
239 --------------Extract of 1900 Census of Dale Co. Al.------------------------
1900 Federal Census Dale Co., Al.
Page: 89b Sup D: 3 Enum D: 55 City: Precinct 01 Exclusive of Ozark, 14 June 1900 Enum: Daniel McNIEL
Dwell: 103 Fam: 103 Line: 86
ANDREWS C. C.HeadNov 187524M04./.ALALAL Farmer
Josie A.WifeMarch 187525M042/2ALALAL
HiramSonApril 189604S../.ALALAL
AubreySonJan 189802S../.ALALAL
-----------------End of Extract of 1900 Census----------------------- 
ANDREWS Carlton Carley
240 Clara was an elementary school teacher in the Enterprise Co. School system until her retirement. ANDREWS Clara Ruth
241 1860 Federal Census See notes: William ANDREWS (father) ANDREWS Cornelia Josephine
242 Lee County, Alabama Certificate of Death

City or TownSmith Sta.
Full NameMrs. Cynthia R. Kelley
Color or RaceWhite
SpouseJ. P. Kelley
Date of Birth8-3-1854 82 Y 1 M 15 D
FatherEugene Andrews Born Ala
MotherCornelia Murdock Born Ala
InformantMrs. R. L. Williams
AddressSmith Sta., Ala
BurialSociety Hill Society Hill, Ala
UndertakerPritton * Dobbs Columbus, Ga

Medical Certificate of Death
Date of Death9-18-1936
Cause of DeathCoronary OcclusionOnset 9/17
HypertensionOnset 10 years
PhysicianW. L. Cooke, M. D. Columbus, GA

Mrs. Cynthia R. Kelley

Mrs. Cynthia R. Kelley, aged 82 years, died Friday morning at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. R. L. Williams (Cora Cornilia Kelly Williams), eight miles out on the Stroud and Mullins road, at 7:30 o'clock after an illness of several years.
Mrs. Kelley was formerly of Ozark, Ala., having moved to Phenix City about twelve years ago, after the death of her husband, J. P. Kelley, May 24, 1922. She was a member the the Mt. Zion Methodist Church,of Smith Station.
Surviving her are her three sons, W. F. Kelley, of Columbus, John V. Kelley, of Society Hill, Ala., and Rubin Kelley, of Newberry, S. C.; five daughters, Mrs. C. H. Moon, of Smith Station, Mrs. Frank Bonner of Phenix City, Mrs. Katie Pearl Shepherd of Jasper, Ala., Mrs. M. G. Gangloff, of Gulfport, Miss; two sisters, Miss Mary E Andrews, of Ozark, Ala., Mrs. Willie Huston, of Arrington, Ala.,; several nieces and nephews, thirty-two granchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.
Funeral services will be held Sunday morning at 10 o'clock Society Hill, Ala., Methodist church. Rev. W. J. Layton and Rev. Howard will Conduct the services, and interment will be in the church cemetery.
Active pallbearers will be: Smith Kelley, Sanford Kelley, Ivan Moon, Wiley Moon, G. C. Davis and Kelley Davis, grandsons of the deceased; honorary: Cleve Storey, T. P. Cloud, Jim Storey, Warren Shepherd, and Bell Fuller.
ANDREWS Cynthia Rosetta
243 Metcalfe Book had his birth year as abt 1848, but this census indicates

1900 Coffee Co., Alabama Census
ED 54 Sheet 13b page 209b
Precinct 17, Enterprise Household/226

Edward ? Andrews Feb 1837 AL 63 Farmer (rents)
Mary M. Mar 1852 GA 48
P?_nir E. (dau) Jan 1882 18
Lucinda J. (dau) Dec 1883 16
Emma M. (dau) Sept 1886 13
James E. (son) May 1889 11
Thomas F. D. (son) Nov 1891 8 (may be T.D. and not F. D.) 
ANDREWS Edward Lamb
244 Elijah is listed as having died Jan. 21, 1889; his estate was settled from March 1889 to Dec. 1889. Lucinda Byrd is listed as his first wife by Greg Andrews and others, and she seems to have been his wife in the 1850 census, but from 1860 onward his wife is listed as Martha ? and Martha is listed as his widow in his estate settlement.

Children of Elijah Andrews listed in the settlement are:

Jason A. Andrews, G. W. Andrews, and L. N. Andrews, over age 21 and "of sound mind" and residing in Dale County;

E.L. Andrews, over age 21, "of sound mind" and residing in Coffee Count

E. T. Andrews and N.J. Andrews, over age 21, of Dale County, the latter "of unsound mind",

Mary E., Thomas F., Harris Y., and Bennett (G.?) Andrews, under age 21, of Dale County;

L.A. Davis, wife of Thomas Davis, over age 21, "of sound mind", of the state of Texas;

Unity McKay, over age 21, "of sound mind", residing in Henry County, AL.;

and the children of "Willie" (William B.) Andrews, deceased: M.J. wife of Elijah Folsom; Nancy Andrews, Willie Andrews, and (S.D.?) Andrews, who are under age 21, "of sound mind", and reside in Coffee County. (Later on in the same entry, it suggests that Nancy, Willie, and (S.D.?) Andrews are the "children" of M.J. Folsom; I have no explanation for this; the 1870 Dale County census seems to list the wife of William B. Andrews (living in the same household as Elijah Andrews) as "Piety" Andrews, born about 1854, with "M.J." listed as their child, 9/12 months old.)

(Note: As I have pointed out previously, since the descendants of the William B. (Willie) Andrews, who married Cornelia Ann Chancey, and who was the son of Moses Andrews and Martha Archer, (my ancestor), I believe that these estate papers clearly prove that the William B. (Willie) Andrews who was the son of Elijah was a different William B. Andrews.)

Jeff Armstrong

1860 Dale Co., AL Census page 604
Newton, Enum Aug 6, 1860
Dwelling/Fam # 729

Elija Andrews 41 SC Farmer600/200
Martha A 21 AL
Benj H. 18 AL Farm Labor
Lemuel E. 14 AL
Unity 13 AL
William B. 09 AL
Jason 06

--------------Extract of 1870 Federal Census of Dale Co. Al.------------------------
Page: 242 () City: Beat 13, Ozark, Dale Co., Al., 16 June 1870 Enum: H. H. Blackman
Dwell: 60 Fam: 60 Line: 27
ANDREWS Elijah53MWFarmer500/1240SC
Martha 30FWKeep HouseAl
Jason19MWFarm Lab.Al
G. W. 09MWAl
L. M.06MWAl
E. T.04MWAl
HUDSON N. E.15FWDom. ServentAl
ANDREWS W. B.21MWFarmer/125Al
Piety16FWKeeps HouseAl
M. J.9/12FWAlOCT
-------------------------End of 1870 Census Extract----------------------------------------------

Here is Elijah on the 1880 census: It does state Martha is his wife

1880 Dale Co., Al Census page 566a
ED61 Sheet 17 Beat 1 Village of Ozark

Elijah ANDREWS Self 64 SC Farmer SC SC
Martha Wife 43 AL NC NC
George A Son 18 AL SC AL
Monroe Son 15 AL SC AL
Elijah Son 13 AL SC AL
Newburn Son 12 AL SC AL
Mary Dau 10 AL SC AL
Flurnoy Son 07 AL SC AL
Horace Son 05 AL SC AL
Burnett Son 02 AL SC AL

Just to add more confusion to this mess.
Have you noticed that from census records for Elijah Andrews-1850 to 1880, an "Edward" is never listed as a son? The Metcalfe Book gave his birth year as abt 1848 I believe. So he should have been listed on the 1850 census being around 2 years old. But I found:

1900 Coffee Co., Alabama Census
ED 54 Sheet 13b page 209b
Precinct 17, Enterprise Household/226
Edward ? AndrewsSelfFeb 1837 AL 63 Farmer (rents)
Mary M. WifeMar 1852 GA 48
P?_nir E. (dau) Jan 1882 18
Lucinda J. (dau) Dec 1883 16
Emma M. (dau) Sept 1886 13
James E. (son) May 1889 11
Thomas F. D. (son) Nov 1891 08 (may be T.D. and not F. D.)

It was very legible to read Feb 1837 as his birth. So if that is the case then he would have been 13 on the 1850 census, yet still not listed. Would have been 23 by the 1860 census and could have been on his own by then, but I have not found him. He did not marry Mary Thompson til abt 1880 and she was much younger then him. Could he have been married before?

As for Elijah and Martha. It is a safe bet to assume Jason was the last child born to Lucinda and Elijah for he is 6 years old in the 1860 census and Martha would have been 15 years old in 1854 when Jason was born. The next child born was George W. abt 1862, so he is most likely the first child born to Elijah and Martha. Lucinda may have died giving birth to Jason?

As Lawrence Dillard pointed out, Martha's age does match up to Elijahs daughter Mary M. by his wife Lucinda, but that would not explain why children continue to be born long after Lucinda disappears from census records. And if Mary M. married and those were her children then she would have a different last name and a husband would have to be present to produce those children.

Since Martha is listed as Widow in Elijahs estate records we can assume she was his wife, and their marriage records were probably destroyed in the 1869 courthouse fire.

I believe finding more info on both Edward L and Lemuel E. might help clear some of this up. I have been unsuccessful in locating Lemuel Elijah in census records in his adult years. Perhaps he died. After all Elijah and Martha named a Son Elijah T. born abt 1867.

Oh and the L.M. I believe stands for Alonzo Monroe Andrews who was born May 19, 1864. He went by the name Lonzo and Lonnie. He married Serena Costella Windham and they moved to Shelby Co., Texas.

Just thinking out loud, figured if I get these questions and data out there someone may have something that helps clear this all up.

Angela Andrews Pifer

----------Southern Star: Published: 26 Nov 1890 (Republished: 13 June 1984)------------
The state of Alabama, Dale County. Probate court, 17th October, 1890 Elijah ANDREWS deceased, estate of. This day came William GARNER administrator of said estate and filed his statement, accounts, vouchers, and evidences for final statement of his administration. It is ordered that the 27th day of Novemeber 1890 be appointed a day on which to make such settlement at which time all persons interested can appear and contest the said settlement if they ain't proper. John W. THOMAS Judge of Probate.
The Southern Star
Wedenesday 26 Nov 1890
No: 10
Reprint: 13 June 1984
--------------End of Extract: Southern Star: Published: 26 Nov 1890 (Republished: 13 June 1984)------------ 
245 1860 Census Page: 633 (135) Line: 01
Newton Post Office Dale Co. Al
Enumerated: 17 Aug 1860 Enumerated By: William Bracewell
914Elisha ANDREWS47MFarmer1250/800SC
James H.17MFarm LabAl
Zilphia J.16FAl
John E. A.14MAl
Matthew M.10MAl
------------------------End of census excerpt----------------------------

--------------Extract of 1870 Federal Census of Dale Co. Al.------------------------
Page: 24 () City: Beat 1, Ozark, Dale Co., Al., 21 June 1870 Enum: H. H. Blackman
Dwell: 156 Fam: 156 Line: 33
ANDREWS Elisha57MWFarmer1000/640SC
Mary 55FWKeep HouseGa
J. E.24MWWorks on Farm/300Al
Marion25MWWorks on FarmAl
Brinan William23MWWorks on FarmAl
-------------------------End of 1870 Census Extract----------------------------------------------

1880 Federal Census Dale Co. Al.
page 628D
Elisha ANDREWS Self 67 SC Farming SC SC
Mary ANDREWS Wife 66 GA Keeping House NC GA 
246 Burial: CHALKHEAD BAPTIST CHURCH Cemetery, Dale Co., AL Military service: March 10, 1863, Enrolled in Company I, 33rd Alabama Regement as Private. Discharged at Newton, Alabama in 1864


1907 Federal Census of Confederate soliders
born February 1839 in Dale County;
entered service at Ozark March 10, 1863 as Private, Company
I, 33d Alabama Regiment; discharged at Newton, Al. in 1864.

1850 Federal Census see notes: William ANDREWS (father)
1860 Federal Census see notes: William ANDREWS (father)

1900 Federal Census Dale CO., Al.
Page: 300b Sup D: 3 Enum D: 70 City: Ewell Dist No. 14 Date: 05 June 1900 Enum: Robert W. ANDREWS
Dwell: 56 Fam: 56
ANDREWS E. E. Head Feb 183961 M33./.AL AL NC Farmer
ElizabethWifeNov 184059M339/4 GA VAAL
Marcus D. L.SonMar 187723 S../.AL ALGA
Robert E.SonFeb 188416S../.ALALGA 
ANDREWS Elisha Edmond
247 1850 Federal Census see notes: William ANDREWS (father) ANDREWS Frances
248 1860 Federal Census See notes: William ANDREWS (father)
1870 Federal Census See notes: William ANDREWS (father) 
ANDREWS Frances Martin
249 1850 Federal Census see notes: William ANDREWS (father)
1860 Federal Census see notes: William ANDREWS (father) 
250 Died the same day as born ANDREWS Infant

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